Harmonica Tab

I scoured the net thoroughly trying to find a good harmonica tablature font, and had no luck.  I decided that there was a definite need for one, as I am probably not the only person out there who is just learning to read music and still wants to be able to play harmonica.  So I created a font (TrueType) that can be installed through the "Control Panel" under "Fonts".  I hope this is helpful to anyone needing it, and I hope it is enjoyed.  Here is a picture of the font, and the keyboard layout is included.  Thanks!  Click "here" to download, if your download doesn't start, right click and choose "save link to disk" or whatever jargon your browser uses!

Note: The first and second lines are normal draw and blow notes.  The next three lines are for single, double and triple bends.  As for the last line, the first symbol is for putting two notes together, brackets are to be used where needed, and the last symbol is for repeating a stanza.  It is pretty self explanatory!


Last Note: If you download and use the font, the keyboard layout will make perfect sense.  If you like this email me and let me know!  God Bless!  waynestennett@hotmail.com


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